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Excel Funding Plan In Developers
Every input key displays monthly forecasts covering any ten-year period, starts with any month or year. Common share issues & financing (Monthly equity plan), Monthly Fixed asset expenditures, Loan note amortization schedule (Loan finance), and depreciation schedules, five depreciation classes (any useful life periods from zero upwards). Sales plan incorporates unit volume projections, price of sales, and unit more
Reviews:   1 Date: 8th Oct, 2007  Rating: No Rating Accessed: 1628

XL-DBQuery - An Excel Add-In and Alternative to Microsoft Query In Tools & Utilities
XL-DBQuery is a powerful Microsoft Excel Add-in that makes it easy to perform data analysis and reporting. Unlike Excel's more
Reviews:   1 Date: 7th May, 2007  Rating: Poor Accessed: 1641

Softlogic Innovations In Developers
Softlogic Innovations is a software developing company specialise in engineering and medical more
Reviews:   0 Date: 3rd Jan, 2007  Rating: No Rating Accessed: 1633

VBto Converter In Tools & Utilities
Converter forms MS VB 6.0 to MS VC++, VBNET, C# .NET, Borland C++ Builder, Borland Delphi.
PAD file:
read more
Reviews:   0 Date: 10th May, 2005  Rating: No Rating Accessed: 1628

Software system, that can create diskettes for a copy protected software distribution. In Tools & Utilities
Alkonost ContraCopy is a professional software system, that can create diskettes for a copy protected software distribution. It is a tool for programmers for VB.NET, Visual Basic, C++, Borland Delphi and C++ Builder. Alkonost ContraCopy enables you to prepare key diskettes using an ordinary 1.44 MB floppy drive. ContraCopy diskettes contain unique information, that is readable only by your application. This means that every software protected via Alkonost ContraCopy will be have an unique key diskette, that must be placed to the floppy drive when your program is running.
Very cheap method to protect software from piracy! ...
read more
Reviews:   1 Date: 15th Apr, 2005  Rating: No Rating Accessed: 1678

XP Icons In Tools & Utilities
XP Icons with professional designs for VB more
Reviews:   0 Date: 30th Mar, 2005  Rating: No Rating Accessed: 1627

conaito VoIP ActiveX library for developers of VoIP audio applications In ActiveX
conaito VoIP ActiveX library for developers of VoIP audio applications, such as voice chat, conference, VoIP, providing real-time low latency multi-client audio streaming over UDP/IP networks. Includes efficient components for sound recording, playback, encoding, decoding, mixing, resampling, reading, and writing wave files, mixer volume controls access. Provides UDP/IP server and client components for peer-to-peer, multi-user, and broadcast audio communications. Really easy to use! Working with Firewall and NAT! conaito VoIP SDK is the best way to add voice conference and text conference into your application and web pages. conaito VoIP SDK includes voip activex, voip ocx, voip com, voip dll, voip lib and voip cab, so you can use the one you like the more
Reviews:   0 Date: 1st Feb, 2005  Rating: No Rating Accessed: 1623

Create a Gantt Chart with MS Excel In Tools & Utilities
With XL Project it is possible to administrate your projects easily and efficiently. Do you also think that software like MS Project are too complicated and too expensive? Are you looking for something that will help You to administrate your projects without the hassle of too much functionality? Then XL Project is the tool you need! With XL Project you are able to create and administrate gantt charts in MS Excel very easily! more
Reviews:   1 Date: 27th Jan, 2005  Rating: No Rating Accessed: 1625

Dynamic Web TWAIN In ActiveX
We provide FREE coding service for you!
Dynamic Web TWAIN is an ActiveX/.Net control specifically designed for web environment with an incredible small file of only 55K. It can upload and download scanned images through FTP or HTTP protocol. Proxy is also supported.
It is compatible with TWAIN specification V1.9 and has built-in JPEG codec
More information could be found in:. more

Reviews:   0 Date: 18th Dec, 2004  Rating: No Rating Accessed: 1626

AlphaTIX In Tools & Utilities
AlphaTIX is a powerful, fast, scalable and easy to use Full Text Indexing and Retrieval library tool that will completely satisfy your application's indexing and retrieval needs. AlphaTIX indexing technology provides you with highest indexing performance, possibility to index very large sets of data in minimal time even with memory constraints and unbelievable fast query processing speed. more

Reviews:   0 Date: 16th Dec, 2004  Rating: No Rating Accessed: 1629

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