Folder Structure of Tomcat

The following folders automatically created in the Tomcat's directory. The below table will explain the folders and their usefulness.

The Tomcat Directory Structure


This directory contains the startup and shutdown scripts for both Windows and Linux.


This directory contains the main configuration files for Tomcat. The two most important are the server.xml and the global web.xml .


This directory contains the Tomcat Java Archive files.


This directory contains Java Archive files that Tomcat is dependent upon.


This directory contains Tomcat's log files.


This directory contains the source code used by the Tomcat server. Once Tomcat is released, it will probably contain interfaces and abstract classes only.


All web applications are deployed in this directory; it contains the WAR file.


This is the directory in which Tomcat will place all servlets that are generated from JSPs. If you want to see exactly how a particular JSP is interpreted, look in this directory.



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