Changing Default Settings

The default settings are there in the catalina service of the tomcat. In order to change the default settings one must need to change the default values in the desired sections of theCatalina service.

Changing default port 8080 to some other like 8090

In order to change the deault port one must change the below HTTP connector port.

    <Connector port="8090" protocol="HTTP/1.1"  connectionTimeout="20000"            redirectPort="8443" />


Changing default "localhost" to some other name  like visualbuilder

For doing so we need to change the virtual host localhost to visualbuilder like the code given below:-

<Host name="visualbulder"  appBase="webapps"   unpackWARs="true" autoDeploy="true"

            xmlValidation="false" xmlNamespaceAware="false">

After doing this we need to change the default host for the Catalina and standalone engine to visualbuilder like given below:-

<Engine name="Standalone" defaultHost="visualbuilder" jvmRoute="jvm1">        


    <Engine name="Catalina" defaultHost="visualbuilder">


Once you change the setting we need to map the localhost address to the visualbuilder as well in the host file of the operating system like:- visualbuilder



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